• 12 years of experience teaching and performing
  • We are pedagogic and technical in our teaching and dancing
  • We are Judges in national and international competitions
  • Winners of the Scandinavian Salsa Champion
  • 11 place in the International salsa Championship
  • 3rd place in the Europe championship
  • We travel and perform in international events
  • We dance and teach salsa Cuban style and Line style
  • Many of our students are dance instructors right now
  • 4 Couple of our students have won the SM Swedish Championship!  😀

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We focus a lot on technique in a pedagogy and easy way, we believe that everyone can learn, and later the dance flavor will come easier from yourself, we put a lot style after you feel confident.
We are and try to be ourselves in classes, we like to have fun in the class and also work hard.
Dancing is our love and passion. 😉
Make sure you choose the right level!
We will make sure that all the students are the same level in each class.
So that means we will level you down or up one class if you are not in the right class. (Money will not be refunded)
If you sign up and pay for one class, you can only come to that class, even if you miss some weeks you can NOT compensate with others classes!
Otherwise you can buy a Drop in card!
You pay the price from the date you have sing up

OBS! ANMÄLAN ÄR BINDANDE OCH AVANMÄLAN KAN GÖRAS SENAST 25/Jan 2017. Hör då av dig till oss via mail.

When you sign up, you need to pay a fee of 500.-kr in advance or the whole amount of the money via Plusgiro, swish or paypal. (Please save a copy or a screen shot just in case).

 You pay the first payment when you sign up and the rest after we start the classes every first of the month.
You can pay in 2 or 3 quotes. you can also pay at in the class with card or cash.

Please note that no invoices sent by mail, but sent directly to the email you provided at registration.

 You pay the first payment when you sign up and the rest after we start the classes every first of the month.
– Swish: 073-702 11 34
– Plusgiro: 63 76 91-7

– PayPal:
Our semester classes are 12 times, one time per week, one time is one hour.

– The minimum of students for to open a class is 16 people otherwise we will close the class.
-Sign up as soon you can so we can open the classes.
– If the class get cancel we will inform via SMS and mail.

– If you cancel the class please do one week before the class, otherwise, you will pay the classes anyway.
-We will always rotate partners. So you do not need to bring a partner to sign up or come to our classes.
– You can choose to dance like a leader(male) or as a follower(female) but you can not switch roles in the middle of the classes.
You can drop in any classes anytime.
Please select carefully your right level for the class.
Drop-in per class per person.
PRICE: 150.-kr

You can also buy a drop-in card, save your money and use it for one year.
With this card you can come to any of our classes and use it with more people and friends, just make sure you bring the card every time you come and make sure you have the right level for the class.

Drop in Card (12 times) for one year.
PRICE:  1500.-kr

Come direct to the class and pay at the door to us.
More info contact us:
Fabian Vallejos
073-702 11 34




Privates are just with Fabian or Nicolina or both any other day and time.

600.- Fabian or Nicolina for one person

700.- Fabian and Nicolina for one person

800.- Fabian or Nicolina for 2 person

1000.- Fabian and Nicolina for 2 persons

1500.-  Fabian and Nicolina for 3 or more persons

During Practica on Sundays

This during Practicas on Sundays between 15.00 to 21.00

200.- One advance student for one person

300.- One advance student for two persons

400.- Fabian or Nicolina for one person

500.- Fabian and Nicolina for one person

600.- Fabian or Nicolina for two person

800.- Fabian and Nicolina for two persons

1500.-  Fabian and Nicolina for 3 or more persons

– Bring any clothes you feel comfortable with. Not necessary to have gym clothes.
– Bring an extra pair of indoor shoes that are not sticky to the floor, especially if it’s snowing for ladies preferably high heels.
– In the first floor, we have showers if you want to fresh up before or after the class.
– We will have 3 min pause in the middle of the class if you want to bring a water bottle.
– OBS: For people just coming out from work, working out, or cooking! remember this is a couple dance so is important the good smell! 😉
This is for everyone.
This is of course not necessary to say, but just a reminder.
Remember we will dance close to other person and talk to another so do not forget, shower, deodorant, and bubble gum if it need it. 😉
If you are coming direct from work, gym, making food, or something else, we also have showers and dressing room you can use.
If a girl or guy, men or woman are losing you respect verbal or physical, please come to tell us so that we together can work on a solution. We want everyone to feel well and respected in our classes.